How to Search & Request Quotes

Searching, Adding items, and Submitting Carts for Price Quotes

At Corporate Recognition we have been making some exciting changes to our website.

We have also been putting together some useful "walk-throughs" to help you navigate our website.

On this page we will go step by step through:

If you'd like an overview of our site Click Here to reach our 'Help' page Otherwise, let's begin!

01 Search                       

To access our search screen just click on the Search tab on the Side Navigation bar as shown above. The Side Navigation bar is available on all pages on the Corporate Recognition site so it is easy to access the Search screen at any time. We will discuss each section of the Product (P) search screen below.

02 Search Results

After you put in your search parameters and hit the search button your, search results will pull up. We are going to look at some of the features for viewing the items results (R) in this section.

The Lines icon next the Boxes icon will let you see each item on its own line along with a more in depth look at the item’s specifications.

You can also choose how many items per page you would like to view at a time. Choosing to view more items may result in a longer load time if you have a slow internet connection.

We had 27 product match our parameters, and they are listed on 3 pages.

03 Item Page

On the Item Details (I) screen there is a lot of great information to help you get a more detailed look at an items specifications. There are also tools so you can share item with someone else. We will take a look at this information below.

 04 Add to Cart 

When you have found an item you are interested in, click the Request Quote button to bring you to the Add Item to Cart screen. (Adding items to a cart and checking out when Requesting a Quote does not obligate you to purchase anything, and you will not be required to enter your billing information)


On the Add Item to Cart (A.) screen, please provide us with as much information as possible about customization.

Once you have filled in as much information as possible, click the Add To Cart button.

 05 Check Out Page

After you have clicked the Add To Cart button, you will be brought to the Cart Summary screen; here you will be able to view the items you have added to your cart and see a summary of all of the information we have inputted.

We only need a quote for this High Sierra backpack so we are going to click the Check Out button. This will now bring us to the Check Out screen.

 06 Check Out Pg 2

When you get to the Check Out screen there will be fields for Your Information, Billing Information, Shipping Information, and Additional Notes. All of your personal information (including credit card information) will be submitted using industry-standard SSL encryption with a certificate provided by Verisign.

Once you have filled out the appropriate information and verified that it is correct, please click the “Submit Cart” button to complete your Quote or Order. This will bring up an Order Confirmation screen as shown below, and if you chose to receive an email confirmation that will also be delivered to the email you provided.

 07 Quote Request Confirmation

As always, if you have any questions or would like to place an order or quote over the phone or by email, our contact information is below. Thank you for reading this walk through and we look forward to working with you!

Corporate Recognition 

Phone: 1-507-451-2404

Toll Free: 1-877-499-9707


Fax: 507-444-0678

Address: 104 West Park Square Owatonna, MN 55060

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