• Jun 16, 2017

How do you determine what your company stands for in just a couple words?  As a promotional product distributor, we put our customers’ logos on everything.  I really mean EVERYTHING!  We have been trying to determine, or redefine, our tagline or slogan lately.  Currently it is “We have the vision and solutions to promote YOU!”  This is true and encompasses the purpose of our business.  But, WHAT is the vision?  WHAT are the solutions we offer?  HOW do we promote you (the customer)?  At our last meeting, we were discussing how we can better educate our customers on the products and services we offer.  Pam has a spiel where she says, “…if it has a printable space (everything), we can put your logo on it!”  After telling people that, or presenting the information, she is undoubtedly asked, “Can you do this (random item with printable space) too?”  Her response is usually, “Yes, we can do that.  And everything else.”

I came across a slogan for a large contracting business in our area:  WE CAN DO THAT.  It simply states what they do best.  There is so much written between the lines in those four short words.  If I were a customer researching this company, I would assume they have excellent customer service, flexibility, creativity, vision, they’re a one-stop-shop, I’m in good hands, they can be trusted… and so on.  You get my point.  It got me thinking about us.  WE CAN DO THAT, TOO!  (Not trying to steal their slogan by any means!)  But, we really can!  When there are hundreds of thousands of items and things we can put your logo on, it’s hard to explain what EVERYTHING means.  Around here, we get it.  If you’re not from this industry, it might take a minute to understand.  If you’re a customer, it might be overwhelming.  We ask a lot of qualifying questions to determine what your needs and priorities are to start.  We help you with a few projects, and with each project offer suggestions for new, creative solutions.  Eventually, you’ll be ordering almost everything from us, and placing your lovely logo on all of it.  We can’t sell you the farm without showing you the pigs, then the cows, then the land…   It’s a slow process, but once our customers figure out that promotional marketing is their best form of advertising, they stick around and value our creative suggestions.  The moral to my story is deciding on a slogan/tag line can be difficult.  It needs to pack a punch.  WE CAN DO THAT, encompasses a lot more than just four little words.  I visited the company website and read their mission statement.  Their slogan neatly packages every word in their mission statement into a powerful declaration.

Tell us what your slogan is and how you came up with it.  We’re excited to hear your story!

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