• Apr 13, 2017

(Kate Harthan being awarded by the Owatonna Business Women for the Young Careerist achievement)


Happy four year anniversary, Kate!

You have been doing so much for Corporate Recognition these past few years.  You are always taking on new and challenging tasks, and figuring them out with the help of Pam, Ryan and everyone else in the office.  You are the piece that makes this place tick.  You get excited about promotional products, as do the rest of us.  However, you are always thinking of our customer’s needs.  New products give you new ideas to help other company’s succeed.  You truly have the best interests of Corporate Recognition and the Owatonna community in mind.  Not only do you work here full time (and then some), you are involved in the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), speaking at Owatonna Chamber events, teaching piano and violin to young students, and musically involved in your church and community.  This year you were recognized by the Owatonna Business Women as this year’s Young Careerist.  Thank you for all that you do and we are so happy to have you as part of the Corporate Recognition family.  Because after all, Pam and Ryan (Owners) are her parents, Matt (Research and Design) is her husband, and Elin (our littlest employee) is her daughter.  We’re just one big happy family around here :) .

Here were the qualifications for the Young Careerist Award:
Purpose of the Award:
The Young Careerist Award is presented to a young business woman of Steele County for her
accomplishments thus far in her career and highlight the promise she shows in her future careers.
Nominees should demonstrate success and/or have an impact in some or all of the following areas:
• Successful achievement in their career.
• Assistance to others in their careers; or assistance to youth and young careerists.
• Volunteer effort in service/professional organizations.
• Public policy activity, empowerment or awareness particularly on behalf of women/family issues in
the workplace.
• Other leadership roles within the community.

By Stephanie

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