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Your Branding is important to us! Many items include the option to add a logo and/or text imprint to your promotional products.

We want our products to represent you to their fullest!

Please read the sections on 'Preferred File Format for Logo' & 'Preferred JPEG sizes for Full-Color Imprint' before uploading your file to ensure that the files have been saved as needed.

PREFERRED FILE FORMAT FOR LOGO: Our preferred art file is a vector based EPS File for Adobe Illustrator CS5 or Earlier. A vector based .PDF or .AI file CS5 or earlier may also be acceptable. These are vector-based art file that will likely be available from your Graphic Artist or Art Depart. When submitting a company logo or art file, please include a description of the logo to be used, and upload the logo file. EPS files are most preferred because they can be opened and edited by us and most of our manufacturers. Note: saving a JPEG or PNG into an EPS will not vectorize it and will require us to have it converted the same as a JPEG or PNG, we will make you aware of this before having it converted and any fee's that may be incurred.

Please make sure any fonts included in the art files have had outlines created. We have instructions on what that means and how to create outlines for you or your graphic designer below (*)

If running Illustrator CS6 or higher see the instructions on how to save an EPS down to a CS5 EPS file below (**)

We will keep your artwork on file for any future orders that you choose to use it with.

Note: ‘Raster’ (Pixel-based) logo art files such as jpegs or pngs may be accepted for a onetime art redraft fee. Once the art has been redrawn it will remain in our database for free use with any future orders placed with Corporate Recognition. Corporate Recognition may wave this fee at our discretion.

PREFERRED JPEG SIZES FOR FULL-COLOR IMPRINT: JPEG of 3MB or larger. 1-2MB files may be acceptable depending on the size of the product it is being imprinted on. Our art department may be able to correct a photo for color/exposure or crop if needed.

Note: If you are uploading a JPEG please be aware of its file size. Many images that have been put on a website have been scaled down to help the site load faster but are not of high enough resolution for printing. Photos under 1MB in most cases will not be usable or will be 'soft' (blurry) in the upscaling process. Your branding is important to us which is why we advise against using images that are of low quality or too small in file size.

Art Reformatting Instructions for your Graphic Artist:

(*) Creating Outlines: To create outlines click Ctrl+A to ‘Select All’ items in the file Shift+Ctrl+O or 'Select All' then click ‘Type’ menu at the top of the screen and select ‘Create Outlines’. Once outlines have been created click ‘Save As’ and rename the file so the original file’s text remains editable by your designers. We suggest creating outlines so that in the event that you are using a font not accessible to us the font will be converted to an image. We can resize text once outlines have been created but, like an image, we cannot edit it to say anything else.*

(**) Legacy Formats: If running a newer version of Adobe Illustrator than CS5 please open the file in Illustrator and click ‘Save As’ and type ‘CS5’ after the file name to create a new file and click ‘Save’. When the ‘EPS options’ window pops up click on ‘Version’ and select ‘Illustrator CS5 EPS’ from the ‘Legacy Formats’ then click ‘OK’**

Contact us with any questions or comments.

Please click the 'Submit Artwork' button only once. Uploading the file may take several minutes depending on the file and size. Clicking 'Submit Artwork' more than once will cause an error message and the 'Art Upload' page will need to be reloaded and the artwork submitted again.

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